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LM-3 Proletariat Battlemech
Some Battletech fanart for a faction I contrived called the People's Commonwealth. Basically a bunch of refugees from both the Draconis Combine and the Federated Suns fled to a minor system without a planet that could be terraformed during the first succession war. Instead they dug into asteroids, then built space colonies and gradually expanded itself. They also developed a distinctly anti-nobility ideology and began building up ships, armies and mechs against the day when they'd be drawn in.

The LM-3 is 30 tonnes and is designed for scouting and support. It is armed with a medium laser, a short range missile launcher (able to store four missiles internally with a backpack hopper able to store another 12) while a top mounted turret. She has 10 double heat sinks, ferros fiber armor and jump jets. The Proletariat is reliable, being tested extensively even though she was under armed and over engineered.
Musket Wagon
The musket wagon is the anti-infantry counterpart to the Cannon Wagon. This version has no cannons, instead it carries eight soldiers armed with muskets and has ports from which they can shoot out of. Such vehicles have a greater flexibility against forces not standing out in large formations, but are vulnerable to artillery and especially Cannon Wagons.
Infrastructure: Part Two Hundred and Sixty Eight
It had been ten days since the fall of Sensasperan and six days since the destruction of the last Avesian Estate. A few small pockets of resistance lurked in the wilderness but scattered and without supplies they would be nothing more than an annoyance. Over all Drive was satisfied with the operation. Everything had happened in a reasonable timetable and losses were acceptably low. A more seasoned force more used to this sort of climate could have done things more quickly, but the relevant fact was that the main military objectives of this operation were met. Now came the political phase of their operation.

In truth this was something that Drive was not particularly fond of. In general he found the administration of military affairs to be more stimulating than this matter and was generally happy to leave political tasks in the hands of Supernova or Critical Mass. Even so he was the Committee Member on the scene and this was an essential part of the plan.

With Sensasperan fallen requests were sent out to the Captains of the various rebel companies to discuss the future of the islands. The wording was carefully chosen to convey the fact that they were not under obligation to do so. In total some 41 came out of some 57 companies. Many of them made their way back to Svobodagrad and were quarted in the former royal palace. Their men were billeted in various homes of the now deposed elite and inns. All the while they were monitored. They were a loud and rowdy bunch who made the most of their newfound freedom. While most of them wore the simple impromptu uniform that the committee had supplied them most  of them had added to it in various way. Most of them were illiterate and a few fist fights had to be broken up. Even so they had been elected by their companies to serve as their leader. Crude or not, they had a spark of legitimate authority to them.

In the evening Drive came in to give his proposal. Many of them were a bit shocked at the sight of him, but they soon got over it. Most of them knew that he was not human and the fact that he'd both overseen their liberation and had provided them with free food and beer was more than enough to relieve their suspicions.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, " he said in an authoritative but friendly tone in the Avesian Laguage. "I am glad to say that our initial goals have been achieved. The Kingdom in Avesia is no more and those who it held in bondage now once again have their fates in their hands." This got a cheer from the gathered leaders. "Never the less there are still some issues in regards of what the future of this island shall be. Some will desire to leave for the mainland and we will be willing to provide some transport to those who want it, at the same time we will be willing to provide further assistance to those who decide to build new lives here. However to deliver these things, leadership among the free peoples of Avesia is required and while we are glad to be your liberators and friends we are not your conquerors. The future governance of the Avesian Islands is in the hands of it's people and given that you have risen to be the most prominent people in the island The Central Committee would recognize your authority over said islands. To ensure that things go smoothly, we have a proposition as to what shape this government would take."

For the next fifteen minutes he rattled off a basic outline as to the new government's shape. The government would be run by the Star Council, who's first members would at first be the gathered captains and who would be elected afterwards when they stepped down, passed away or were voted out by 75% of their fellows. Said council would elect one of their ranks to serve as a Prime who'd serve for one year long terms. The Prime would appoint judges and would have the right to pardon people, but not to sentence. No Judge could hold elected office. Nobody could be punished without trial. Local government would be handled by elected mayors and town councils. The estates would be broken up into small farms. All former slaves would be citizens in this New Republic as would anyone born in the Republic. A section of the surviving slavers of the old kingdom would deported to serve as detentional laborers in the Petrolium Colony and a number of their children would be sent to either the Colony or to the Coldlands to be raised in orphanages. Slavery of any sort would be illegal and any slave found in the Republic would automatically be set free. All male citizens would be required to serve in the militia and a small army and navy would be maintained for coastal patrols, man fortresses, act as elite troops and train up soldiers. Said forces would be provided with 20,000 rifles, 50 cannons and a supply of ammunition. Infrastructural Drill Sergeants would train up their forces and a shipment of machinery would be sent in to develop some industrial capacity on the islands. Some 20,000 former slaves would be allowed transit to Torion, Oestia, Venoa, the Petrolium Colony or a few other locals in the general area gratis (in part using commandeered ships). Some were also allowed to enlist in the Infrastructural Navy or Merchant Fleet. Though if they were not willing to accept the constitution, Infrastructure was not ablidged to provide aid.

Most accepted the proposal. It seemed like as good a deal as any. A few hold outs existed but most of them simply wanted a bribe to go with it or some concession such as ownership of a captured manor house or larger plots for members of their rough company. By lunchtime the next day he got Forty One signatures on the new constitution, which was announced to the public to cheers. Soon copies of the constitution would be put up in public places around the island.

Drive had some doubts about the longevity of the system. This leadership, while vigorous lacked any experience while the populace of Avesia had a mix of those who resented authority and people who had habitual obedience beaten into them. A strong man could cease power, as could someone who was good at administration and making alliances behind the scenes. Even so, this was still a more productive measure than letting the captains fight over the island like a flock of gulls on a rotten fish. The threat of war and general cooperation should get most of them to go along with it for some time at least and if nothing else freed slaves were often quite resistant to going back into bondage. Give his drill instructors a few months and they could snuff out any hopes of the Dark Elves might have about a profitable Reaping.

Previous-Infrastructure: Part Two Hundred and Sixty Five
To be continued...
Orc Morality: or Why Pure Evil races don't work

Some thoughts on Tolkien and the matter of orcs.

"Look at them. Ranks, files, locked in everlasting conflict at the whim of the player. They fight, they fall, and they cannot turn back because the whips drive them on, and all they know is whips, kill or be killed. Darkness in front of them, darkness behind them, darkness and whips in their heads. But what if you could take one out of this game, get him before the whips do, take him to a place without whips‚ what might he become? One creature. One singular being. Would you deny them that chance?"

-Lord Havelock Vetinari, Unseen Academicals

Mordor Orc
Some good old fashioned Lord of the Rings fanart. A Orc of Mordor clad in chainmail and ratty clothes armed with a shield, scimitar and dagger.
Please, look around. Faves and comments are always welcome and points are always nice (…). My skills may not be perfect, but hopefully you will find some idea or design of mine to be your taste. I am not perfect and there are many people better than me, but never the less i will try to improve and share my ideas with the world.

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Leighton Michael White
I am a Canadian science fiction fan with an interest in history living in Winnipeg Manitoba. I like to draw to put my ideas into visual form.


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