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Cyber-Conversion by Imperator-Zor Cyber-Conversion by Imperator-Zor
The Prototype Timeship's flight was a mix success, while it did manage to successfully enter and leave the Time Vortex, in doing so it burned out most of it's systems, forcing it to make an emergency landing. Its location was earth, in the year 1942. It crashed into an area know as Thuringia near a rural village. With their engines beyond repair and unable to contact the Fleet from which they launched or Mondas, they set to work digging in. They were engaged by a force of Waffen-SS infantry which had been recruiting and parading in the area, but though the Timeship's crew was outnumbered the Natives were completely out-gunned. Before the Luftwaffe could send bombers or ground attack aircraft to the site, they had managed to restore the Timeship's shields, which encompassed their crash-site, the nearby town and the SS troopers under its bubble. Within 36 hours they were all captured.

The surviving crew of the Timeship numbered less than a hundred and even with the shield, they knew that to survive they needed to expand their numbers. Fortunately they had plenty of raw materials. They scavenged up enough material and set up a conversion center which allowed them to process a four or five humans at once. To start, they went with the captured SS members. Of those people that were now under their thumb, they were deemed the most dangerous, they were healthy adults and they could pose a problem if they escaped. Here, some more of the prisoners are brought in as the conversion of the first batch of new Cybermen is complete. It would take some time to build up, but they would eventually have the resources to upgrade this claimed "Master Race".

Doctor Who-BBC
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