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Wolverine Power Armor by Imperator-Zor Wolverine Power Armor by Imperator-Zor
The American M-37C5 Wolverine Power Armor system is among the most advanced and respected suits of power armor in the galaxy. It is also among the heaviest, weighing in at 650 kilograms per unit and the most expensive. It is possible to equip seven to ten conventional infantrymen (depending on their load out) for the price of one Wolverine Power suit. As such, the wolverine is usually limited to one unit per normal infantry squad and specialized heavy infantry units (Generally in the Marine Corps). Over 8 million soldiers have been issued these suits.

First Put into production in 2194, the Wolverine Power-suit was designed in part as a response to the increase in Soviet and Japanese mecha (both numbers and general types). The US military had deemed that mecha technology were not worth pursuing, but improvements to power armor was a good course for development. Typically the Wolverine is outfitted with a variety of upscale weapons, including heavy machine guns, multi-barrel rocket launchers and belt fed grenade launchers. To get the most out of the suit, the hands and feet of the operator are actually inside the arms and legs of the suit. For mobility and to allow for landings, a set of countergravity pannels are typically located on its back. This can be used to give the suit a "Grav Dash", in which it will hover about half a meter to a meter above the ground and then move at speeds of up to 100 km/h for up to 45 seconds before needing to be disengaged. In low key conflicts with less developed powers and a couple of minor classes with the Amazonian Federation, it has proven its worth in battle.
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